3D flooring order in Dubai, UAE: price, reviews


3D flooring

3D flooring is a unique combination of a high-resolution printed image and transparent epoxy resin coating.

Brief description

3D Flooring is a tremendous technique that allows to give a flooring the look and shape of any picture or art that you like. From the bottom of the ocean to a falling wooden bridge in the Amazonian forest, any design inspired buy your creativity and imagination.

System consists of a leveled surface, heavy-duty vinyl sticker with a pre-designed image and a thin transparent resin coating to give an image a depth and 3D-look and protect it from the damages for the same time.

Aesthetic appearance

Taking in a consideration that you can use any image that you want, final look of the 3D flooring solely depends on the imagination of the author. You can change a design of any room in your apartment, totally changing the flooring to an image that will feel and look mind-blowing and toally real.

Final protective epoxy resin coating will secure a long life of the sticker, protect it from any dirt, grease or agressive liquids and bring a depth and 3D-feeling to the concept of the picture.

Ideal for

3D flooring is perfect for any room of your Villa or Apartment, especially the wet areas as epoxy coating is fully seamless and stable to liquids and scratches. Other examples of 3D flooring usage are hospitals, theme parks, children rooms in malls or retail stores.

Apply on:

The requirements for the substrate are the same as for any standard epoxy resin flooring. It should be a solid and strong concrete surface with decent tensile and compressive strength.


  • Final epoxy coating gives a perfect hygienic protection from any kinds of liquids, dirt and dust
  • Possibility to print any kind of image or photo to change a look of your flooring
  • Opportunity to make a unique flooring that will not have any analogues anywhere in the world