Microtopping, Decorative Concrete Floor, Polished Concrete in Dubai, UAE


Microtopping ("Polished Concrete")

Microtopping overlay has many names in Gulf region and it's frequently being called a "polished concrete", a "micro cement" and a "microbeton". It is a 3mm coating that allows providing a natural concrete-looking finish to almost any possible substrate and item

Brief description

Microtopping is a thin coating for renovating and resurfacing of almost any type of flooring, walls and even furniture or joinery. It provides either cloudy or marble look and has a variety of natural colors. For the last 5 years, Microtopping became a huge trend in UAE interior design although it is a common and very popular thing in the Europe since early 2000's

Aesthetic appearance

Microtopping is rather an art than just a stucco and you will never found two equal Microtopping projects. The pattern can be light and cloudy with waves and shades or rough and marble-looking with veins, trowel marks and crack-looking lines. Microtopping is always being covered with a UV-stable hard-wearing sealer. It can be glossy/semi-glossy to provide shine and depth of the wet concrete or matte/satin to cover all the waves and trowel marks and provide true power-floated concrete look.

Ideal for

Microtopping is very flexible and unique material that can be applied in private and commercial areas, living rooms and bathrooms, offices and restaurants, even swimming pools. Give a new life to an old flooring or piece of furniture or cover ugly porcelain tiles with a seamless material of the XXI century.

Apply on:

  • Any type of concrete screed or substrate
  • Gypsum board, cement board, MDF and plywood
  • Furniture and joinery
  • Pool decks
  • Tiles and marble flooring


  • Only 3 mm thickness
  • Concrete-looking effect
  • Seamless surface of the floor is easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy-duty PU resin sealer is scratch-resistant
  • Chemical resistance to most aggressive liquids
  • Water impermeability
  • Can stick to almost any surface
  • Can be painted and stained