Microtopping Furniture at Uptown Mirdif and D3 in Dubai, UAE


Microtopping Furniture

bench microtopping
  • bench microtopping
  • concrete looking table
  • bench microtopping with veins
  • bench microtopping white shot

At this portfolio topic, we will publish photo of pieces of joinery, custom furniture or even custom-made items that were finished with microtoping coating that provides a polished concrete look almost to any surface, including MDF, calcium boards, gypsum boards and tiles.

On of the most beautiful furniture pieces was done for a private client at Dubai Design District. It is a big meeting room table that was finished with microtopping skim coat to give it a look like it was made of concrete. The table was assembled from MDF panels at the furniture factory and then delivered to the D3 site, where Terrazzo Flooring experts applied a special primer, 2 coats of microtopping coating and a coat of special anti-stain sealer to the whole surface of the table.