Microtopping Uptown Mirdif in Dubai, UAE


Microtopping Uptown Mirdif

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This project was done in January, 2017

Client: Spinney's / UP Properties

Location: Uptown Mirdif Centre

This is the biggest microtopping project done by Terrazzo flooring in UAE. More than 1,000 m2 of microtopping coating was done to the whole Spinney's courtyard area at Uptown Mirdif Centre. As per client's specification, the micro-coating was sealed with matt resin sealer to hide most of the trowel marks and veins and to provide a plain and solid look of a polished concrete surface.

Prior to the microtopping application, Terrazzo Flooring casted laser-leveled screed, applied self-leveling layer and reinforced a floor with fiberglass mesh.