Punto IT Polished Concrete in Dubai, UAE


Punto IT Polished Concrete

self-leveling concrete d3
  • self-leveling concrete d3
  • polished concrete d3
  • microtopping d3
  • raw concrete finish d3

The concrete-looking floor was done by Terrazzo Flooring in November 2016.

Client: Punto.IT Dubai representative.

Location: Dubai Design District, building 7.

The main idea was to provide a cost-efficient coating with a look of naturally polished concrete. To implement it, after hard surface grinding and preparation (since the existing screed wasn't in good condition at all) we have applied a thick coat of premium self-leveling cementitious screed and sealed it with a coat of epoxy-based glossy sealer.

After full curing, the floor became a real masterpiece made in grey shades.The substrate tolerance wasn't perfect so curing time of the self-leveling coat was different at different spots and areas.