Oxydecor projects done worldwide in Dubai, UAE


Foreign projects

Rust effect in bathroom
  • Rust effect in bathroom
  • Corten wall
  • Rust corten metal at swimming pool
  • Rust corten for living room
  • Rust corten finish and polished concrete
  • Galvanised stel
  • Galvanised steel and door
  • Galvanised steel living room

At this page, we have gathered photo from Isoplam applicators that have applied Oxydecor worldwide. The system was applied outdoor and indoor, mostly to plastered walls. You can find both corten steel effect and galvanised steel effect at the pictures. Especially magnificent look such walls have in combination with microtopping or polished conrete flooring, both glossy and matte. At one of the photos, material was applied to the wall at in a private swimming pool area.